Dai Bi Chay is a restaurant with the mission to become the first Vietnamese vegetarian restaurant in Mississauga that servesfor the dream of bringing nourishing, affordable vegan food to our local health-conscious customers. We dare to pride ourselves among the biggest names in organic dining and vegetarian food in the greater Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, and Oakville area because we believe in staying humble, authentic, and true to our roots no matter how far we come along the road. If you drop by our restaurant, which is found just north of Cawtha Rd. and Queensway E., you’ll find the same friendly home-grown service and carefully hand-prepared meals that we’ve always offered.

To us, vegetarian food is a way of life; we believe that vegetarian Vietnamese food helps to encourage both bodily health and aid in the pursuit of inner peace. By eating a plant-based diet, we can reduce our intake of dangerous saturated fats and therefore lower our risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer. Likewise, by choosing to go vegetarian, we limit our harmful impact on the planet; did you knowthat meat farming produces thousands of tons of methane gas, which has a greenhouse effect 25% more potent than that of carbon dioxide? By choosing a vegetarian way of life, we live in greater harmony with both our planet and our fellow creatures.

The next time you feel hunger strike but can’t make up your mind what to eat, why not stop by and sample our vegetarian Pho, Spicy Hue style vermicelli soup, Nam Van style noodle soup, fried rice with olive leaves, crispy noodles, and of course, Aunty Thi’s famous handmade drumsticks? We guarantee that you’re likely to find a new favourite! If you have additional dietary needs, such as a gluten-free or diabetic diet, just let us know and we’ll be happy to help serve you with our vegetarian rice-noodle dishes and numerous healthy organic vegetarian options. Feel free to contact us any time with the information below!

In person: 2399 Cawthra Rd. #100, Mississauga
By Phone: 905-306-9888
By email: info@daibichay.com